Zimbabweans berate Chamisa over his Mbuya Nehanda insults

CCC President Nelson Chamisa


Opposition politician and leader of the MDC Alliance party Nelson Chamisa has come under fire following his remarks about idolatry and religion. Some people took exception to Chamisa’s words, claiming that he was insulting the statue of Mbuya Nehanda as well as African traditional religion.

The statue of the liberation icon and spirit medium Nehanda Charwe Nyakasikana, popularly known as just Mbuya Nehanda was unveiled on Africa Day by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.May Interest youBy

The day before the unveiling of the statue, Chamisa who is also a pastor, shared a verse from the Bible.

But you shall destroy their altars, break their sacred pillars, and cut down their wooden images. For you shall worship no other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God. Exodus 34:13-

This did not go down well with some people who accused Chamisa of looking down on and insulting the country’s traditions and indigenous religion. Some quarters also accused the charismatic politician of religious fundamentalism and of trying to impose his Christian religion on everyone else. However, some defended Chamisa, saying that he is free to air his views on anything. Others also agreed with his sentiments and quoted their own Bible verses in support.

Nelson Chamisa Comes Under Fire Over Mbuya Nehanda Statue Remarks
Nelson Chamisa Comes Under Fire Over Mbuya Nehanda Statue Remarks

Below are some responses from social media

Advocate Tino Chinyoka

This religious fundamentalism is benign in an ordinary citizen. But imagine giving state power to my young brother here. Zimbabwe is a secular nation, there is separation of church and state. It is seriously unsafe to have people like this lead nations. Churches yes, Countries NO

Captain ThomasSankara

2/2 subliminal and contemptuous mockery for our ancestors. Tichadzoka pano when you lost again elections. Ndipopauchaziva kuti ZimbabweRamabwe rine varidzi

Gore Kore @Zim_we_want·May 25, 2021Replying to @nelsonchamisa and @NicolaWatson13

Reminder: you are a president of all, not just Christians


This is embarrassing. Zimbabwe deserves better Leaders who understand it’s History. Muchatitengesera Nyika!! Long live the Spirit of Nehanda. The spirit that ignited the fight for our Liberation.

James Chikonamombe@Zichivhu

For the record: Rome is full of statues of ancient Romans. England (the home of the Church of England) is full of statues of ancient Englishmen. Your point is moot! There is no such thing as “idolatry” in Christianity.

Sifakubi Masuku@sifahmasuku

We have documented history of such utterances. People giving up their own identity over something that was imposed upon them. This level of self hate is beyond imagination. “Chitendero hachina kuuya kuzoparadza…..” Alick Macheso, remember that song!!!!!


This is rather far fetched don’t you think… And rather ironic seeing as there’s is a whole building named after Tsvangirai, which at some point had his face hanging outside and you proudly called your HQ?

Chef Pelly-Vie@Vie_matongo

That moment when a leader forgets that his party is not made out of Christians alone. If you can’t balance the reality then you are immature to lead my brother. Never forget those not in Christianity.


Are you forgetting that during the 2018 election campaign, you were in Bulawayo negotiating for Joshua Nkomo’s tsvimbo, intonga, induku? You even claimed it had been given to you, LOL



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