Daughter-in-law divorced for seducing father-in-law

Shocked young girl, looking at camera with mouth wide open. Oh my god! Wow!


A Chisipite woman Paidamoyo Tandi(26) will rue the day she decided to view her father in law’s WhatsApp stories leaving inappropriate comments.
Her father in law Paul Ruwange (58) decided to call a family meeting after he felt his makoti was out of order.
This prompted her husband Paul Junior (31) to divorce her.

Her messages were shown to the Citizen.
“Baba vemunhu”
“HOT hot mukubvira chibabest”
“Mukutikuvadza “
“Mukupisa Shumba”
“Don’t make me think I chose the wrong Paul .”

The last straw was when she sent her own inappropriate picture with an open invitation to the hot father in law with the caption, “Anytime you want it.”

The father-in-law says he felt he couldn’t face temptation much longer.
“I only wanted them to leave my house. It was awkward sitting in the lounge knowing she wanted to sleep with me. The decision to divorce her is entirely my son’s.
I have that effect on women, that’s why we don’t keep maids.

If I was a little bit younger, maybe (chuckles) but I am too old for that. I only think about my future and retiring at the farm with my wife. I don’t have fantasies of sleeping with my son’s wife.”

Paul Junior who certainly isn’t as’ hot’ as his father refused to entertain The Citizen. He will certainly think twice before marrying again and bringing the lady home to his hot father.


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