Sexually starved woman busted with Father in law


Villagers under Chief Chigura in Mberengwa were left speechless after an elderly woman caught her hubby pants down with his daughter-in-law.

Tatenda Rugube (23) was caught by her mother-in-law Mollen Muungura (45) having sex with her father-in-law Tendekai Mhondera (58).
Muungura who had gone to visit a friend returned home to find Mhondera and Rugube on her matrimonial bed in the act.

“I told my husband and Rugube that I was going to visit my friend and would be back in the evening but when I arrived at my friend’s house her children told me she was away, forcing me to return home early,” she said.

“Upon my return I found my grandchildren sleeping and Rugube was nowhere to be found. I assumed that she had gone to fetch water but I was shocked to find her in my bed with my husband doing things I only see on the television,” said Muungura.

Muungura says she stood motionless for a while before screaming and shouting at them which led to Rugube quickly jumping off her husband and both of them looking at her embarrassed.

“They jumped and looked at me ashamed, my husband then asked me why I had come home early and he quickly changed the topic and apologised when he saw the look I gave him that he had said the wrong thing at the wrong time,” said Muungura.

When the B-Metro crew caught up with Rugube she confessed that she was having an affair with her father-in-law due to her stingy husband who was not serving her well in bed and at times denying her sex.

“I slept with my father-in-law but before everyone blames me and judges me they should be talking to my husband who denies me sex which has led to this abomination,” said Rugube.

The father-in-law declined comment.

The headman told the two adulterers to buy a black cow for cleansing the area, while their case awaits a hearing before the area chief.

“What these two did is taboo, they should buy a black cow to cleanse the area before we proceed on what the family wants, sending their daughter-in-law packing and that will now involve the chief. This is a disgrace but we try to solve such matters amicably,” said Chigura.

Rugube’s husband Tichaona Mhondera said he could not comment.

“I cannot comment on anything yet,” said Mhondera – Bulawayo 24


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