ZANU- PF bans women trousers and mini skirts

Mini skirt


ZanuPF is to present a Bill in Parliament to ban the wearing of trousers and mini skirts by women.In a draft motion seen by this newspaper ,ZanuPF wants to use its parliamentary majority to amend the constitution Article 17. (2) and Article 80. to be in line with the proposed Bill.

According to the proposed Bill it will be a criminal offence to wear mini skirts or trousers in public by any women aged 16years and above.This Bill if passed into law means that female school student uniforms will not include the banned dresses.

ZanuPF has classified mini skirts to mean any dress which is of length above the knee.ZanuPF proposal includes dress vents which they described as “uncultural and provocative”.ZanuPF is to mobilize traditional leaders (chiefs and sabhukus) to enforce the ban.

It remains to be seen how women’s rights organization , opposition political parties and ZanuPF Women’s League will react to the primitive Bill.

“This is the worst Bill coming from an old stone aged leadership. In this era a whole political party trying to reverse modernization. Whilst other countries are busy debating and proposing Computer Age Bills ZanuPF is preoccupied with Mbuya Nehanda era mentality.” said Chamunogwa Gonyohori

“This must motivate and justify reasons why the youths must register and vote against ZanuPF.Its a pity we have a whole political party thinking in 14th Century whilst trying to solve present problems” an angry Martha Chidhudhuza said.

ZanuPF under Mnangagwa has grown a very high appetite in amending the constitution. The Amendments which ZanuPF have pushed so far are very unpopular with the electorate but it use its parliamentary majority to bulldoze its wish on people.


5 thoughts on “ZANU- PF bans women trousers and mini skirts

  1. While other countries are discussing and passing bills that economically enrich them ,this is the best we could come up with ,its a pity really .

  2. Kupenga,kurwara .Hamutonyari.if I decide to wear a mini-skirt does that concern you ? will you be affected.You are behaving in an unreasonable manner.What kind of foolishness is this🙅🙅🙅.#Womenrights✊✊#women stand for your rights#women power 💪

  3. Some of us see that it is good for our women to dress as women and not entice men to ogle them all the time. This is judgment day and our nation will be judged harshly by the Almighty unless it encourages a decent dress code in the nation. ZANU please persist in your effort to correct this obvious error in our nation and in our culture.

  4. you are joking kkkkkkk nothing like that is going to happen ndosaka mazimbabwean makasara sterec kkkkkkkkkkk ndavayite zvinhu zveite nani munyika zvemabasa not zvavo zvekumhamha izvi

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