Anyone to undrunk SA looter who has been drunk for the past three weeks

The drunk Sipho whose picture was taken by his wife


A less fortunate looter thought he hit the jackpot when he found a 5-liter bottle that was labeled Savanna loco during the looting of Distell, a company responsible for some of South Africa’s best brews.

The looter we only identified as Sipho had been drunk for over three weeks ever since he drank the mysterious Savanna loco from a 5-liter bottle.

The picture you see above was taken by his wife using a Mobicel she looted.

She said her husband is looking for help.

“Anyone who can undrunk him or know what he should do will be appreciated.”

She refused to reveal her husband’s location, saying she does not want him to get arrested before he gets sober.

Sipho is a bricklayer, and he had been unable to work for the past three weeks.

“He got fired the day he forced himself to go to work only to lean on a wet wall that ended up falling.”

After inquires with the manufacture on what could be the problem with the Savanna loco Sipho drunk, and they revealed some shocking news.

Distell kept all their failed experiments in one building, and Sipho found one of them.

What Sipho drunk was a lab experiment of what eventually became Savanna loco.

“It was unpure and contained everything that a human should not consume. It has been in that bottle for over 10 years, and our calculations make us believe by now it is 99% alcohol, not just any alcohol. It is something we call super alcohol.

If an elephant drank that 5-liter, it would be drunk for 10 years. I wonder how much he drunk.”

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