Mberengwa man fatally axes brother over witchcraft row

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A dispute over witchcraft turned bloody after a Mberengwa man reportedly hacked his elder brother to death with an axe.

Midlands Provincial police spokesperson Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incident which happened last Friday.

Circumstances are that Takaruvinga Gumbo, 60, armed with an axe and stick, went to Ndabazawo Msipa and accused him of bewitching him.

New Zimbabwe reports that a  misunderstanding ensued and out of anger Gumbo attempted to wield the axe on his young brother but he was overpowered by Msipa, who reportedly seized the axe and hacked him resulting in his instant death.

“Msipa overpowered, disarmed and assaulted the brother (Gumbo) using the same weapon Takaruvinga wanted to use. Msipa has since been arrested and investigations are underway,” Mahoko said.

In other news, iHarare had reported that a six-year-old girl was burnt to death in a deserted hut.

Matabeleland North Police Spokesperson Inspector Glory Banda confirmed the incident which happened in Tsholotsho, Matabeleland North on Saturday.

According to the police report,  the minor was left with two friends when her guardian was going to the clinic for vaccination.h

With no one monitoring them,  the children left the house and went to a deserted homestead and started playing there.

The six-year-old girl reportedly left her friends playing outside and got into the deserted hut with a box of matches. She started playing with matches and lit the dry grass which was on the ground causing the whole kitchen to catch fire.

Due to the raging flames, the minor got trapped in the hut and failed to escape.

Her friends tried to shout for help when they saw the fire engulfing the hut, but it was all in vain as no one came to her rescue.



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