Registrar General’s office is only issuing the US$318 emergency passport


The Registrar General’s office has said it is only issuing the US$318 emergency passport.

In an interview with The Chronicle, acting Registrar-General Mr Henry Machiri said while the department is now fully operational, it was issuing the emergency passport.

Machiri said the department was only issuing the emergency passport due to the lack of resources. He said the RG’s Office was also issuing birth certificates.

Machiri said:

When it comes to passports and IDs, it’s unfortunate that there is a different scenario which my minister and permanent secretary have alluded to before. It’s an issue of resources. The materials are not enough. So, we have to limit it so that we look at the urgency. We are serving the most urgent and when we get more resources, we will open up for more citizens to come and get documentation.



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