Video: Pirates player Gabadinho Mango detained in a nightclub after failing to pay R26 000 bill

Malawian Orlando Pirate’s player, Gabadinho Mango


Johannesburg – While the rest of South Africa was in bed in the wee hours of the night on Saturday, it was reported that Malawian Orlando Pirate’s player, Gabadinho Mango, a striker for the local football club was locked in and confined in Club Propaganda in Pretoria a consequence of incurring a R26 000 bill after buying strangers drinks in the popular Club frequented by famous personalities from Johannesburg and Pretoria.

The Malawian is said to have been detained for hours by the security personnel of Club Propaganda who wanted the bill paid but after many stories, the striker admitted to having no money to settle the bill, it said that the striker and Club Manager came to an agreement which excluded the summoning of Police.

While he was detained none of the people he lavishly spent on waited around for his release from the Club.

He was later released by the Security guards and drove away after curfew owing a club, all for buying strangers alcohol.

Mhango, R26 000 is enough to feed many while our footballers pretend to be balling!


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