580 000 youths fled Zim in 2020: ILO


THE quest for better income opportunities  forced an estimated 580 000 youths to leave Zimbabwe for greener pastures beyond the borders in 2020 alone, a recent International Labour Organisation (ILO) report has established.
The survey, titled Labour Market Diagnostic Analysis (LMDA), states that the number does not consider net migration, which has been negative in Zimbabwe, with numerous workers leaving the country in search of better work opportunities that often do not materialise.

The survey may prompt the country’s main political actors to go back to the drawing board and re-strategise on how to woo the youth in the next general elections scheduled for 2023.
“It is estimated that in 2020, net migration the number of immigrants minus the number of emigrants was close to 580 000 people. Although there is no accurate data on the number of the working age population, leaving the country to work abroad. The most recent study suggests that 72% of outgoing migrants fall in the 20 to 34 years age group. In addition, 40% were women and 73% completed secondary education.
“The majority of emigrants cited a lack of employment opportunities as the major reason for leaving the country. Most worked in the agricultural sector before their departure. South Africa was the leading destination chosen by emigrants, followed by Botswana. Unfortunately, due to their irregular status, most Zimbabwean emigrants appear to occupy low-quality jobs characterised by the absence of employment contracts and social protection,” the LDMA report said-www.thenewshawks.com


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