Mambo’s Chicken reveals the face behind controversially edgy adverts

The face behind Chicken Mambo's sexualised adverts


Mambo’s Chicken Finally Reveals The Face Behind Their Controversial Edgy Adverts

Mambo's Chicken Finally Reveals The Face Behind Their Controversial Edgy Adverts-iHarare
Buffaloqueen30 (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Trending fast food outlet, Mambo’s Chicken has finally revealed the face behind their controversial adverts which of late have become the talk of the town.

Judging from Mambo’s Chicken revelation, it looks like the local eatery finally hearkened to mounting pressure on social media after people called on them to reveal the brainchild behind the edgy adverts which have been highly deemed sexist.

Mambo’s Chicken pulled a stunner on their followers when they revealed that a woman only identified on Twitter as ‘Buffaloqueen30’ was behind their adverts.

Many social media users were surprised as all along they had perceived that a man was behind the controversial ads.

Taking to Twitter, Mambo’s Chicken retweeted Buffaloqueen30’s tweet and captioned it;

“Behold, the Brand and Marketing Manager buffalo queening”

While some, particularly men applauded her for being a marketing guru and for creating catchy adverts. A number of people, particularly women were not impressed with the fact that one of their own is the one behind the ‘sexist’ adverts.

Meanwhile, Mambo’s Chicken was recently issued with a warning by Zimbabwe Association of Accredited Practitioners in Advertising (ZAAPA)  president, Barry Manandi to stop using “sexualized advertising” to promote their brand.

This came after many accused the local eatery of using adverts that carry inappropriate sexual innuendos to market their brand and going overboard with their adverts


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