Mthuli Ncube takes off at high speed from parliament

Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube,


…as MPs mob him to search for bond notes in his pocket

There was drama in parliament as Minister of Finance Prof Muthli Ncube escaped out of parliament at a speed which could easily won a medal at Olympics.

Reliable sources say former Minister of Finance Hon Tendai Biti had questioned the logic of having government services paid in US dollar when civil servants were paid in Bond notes.

Prof Muthli Ncube tried to defend the government policy which angered opposition Members of Parliament. CCC Vice President Tendai Biti said ” Mr Speaker with your permission I call upon hon. Members to get hold and search Prof Muthli Ncube. If they find any amount of bond note in his pocket, I will give him three mombe dzinotsika naMai Dzvororo.”

When some members of parliament moved towards the front bench which is occupied by Ministers, Ncube dashed out of parliament at full speed like a cheetah leaving legislators and other Ministers in stitches.

“Mazviona iye unoda kupa vana zvaasingadyi. This man is there to destroy ZanuPF. We are going to lose this election because of this man.” a Zanu PF member of parliament shouted in the midst of the confusion.

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