Response to Mzembi’s comparison of Tsvangirai to Chamisa

The late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai


By Davis Laque

I see that some citizens in the yellow movement couldn’t resist this nonsensical invitation to draw comparisons between Dr Tsvangirai and Adv Chamisa.

The tragic part being that some even began ridiculing Dr Tsvangirai, as an expression of trust in Adv Chamisa’s leadership.

Firstly, the G40’s (many of whom didn’t go to war), equally had no respect for Dr Tsvangirai whatsoever, over exaggerated ‘fundamental political differences’.

For them, vitro towards Dr MRT made them feel militant & gave them a sense of belonging, in the ‘liberation party’ https://t.co/Hrq6EuwZXr https://chat.whatsapp.com/LltOSrNoO0h6UhlkCaW9Yj

Secondly, it’s quite patronizing, for ex & current Zanu PF leaders, to say ‘Tsvangirai had courage’.

What they actually mean is that he withstood their name calling, torture & murder, electoral theft, among other actions against him.

CCC Champion In Chief, Nelson Chamisa

Saying this is anything but admiration. https://t.co/Ph0B6Wsrsa

Thirdly, history will actually record that their disregard for Dr Tsvangirai, only worsened around 2017, when the MDC “supported the coup”.

The consequences of that MDC-T political decision meant G40s now find themselves out of people (and their ill gotten wealth), & exiled. https://t.co/X9icck3H6c

As for the article itself…perhaps there is so much to read, from Dr Mzembi’s diction.

He dismisses ZanuPF’s well documented electoral manipulation strategies, choosing to call Zanu “..battle-hardened, foxy..”,..having..”..mass mobilization strategies..”

This is nonsensical https://t.co/CKZ13WDqI2

It’s equally laughable that Dr Mzembi & crew, skipped the boarder in droves in 2017, yet he particularly sees himself qualified to judge Adv Chamisa & his so called “..executive full of lawyers”

History will record that Adv Chamisa stayed put, and didn’t run from the “lion”. https://t.co/G66U40y7Gu

Dr Mzembi equally makes perhaps an unintended admission, which could help explain G40 anti-Chamisa sentiments.

As per their (G40) unscientific claims, Adv Chamisa performed well in 2018 because of Mugabe’s endorsement while Mnangagwa performed badly because of the same. https://t.co/NyK1bH19i8

8] Now, firstly, I find the claim that Pres Robert Mugabe was a “..huge factor..” in deciding 2018 results farfetched.

It’s an overstretch, claiming that Mugabe had so much political support to decide a national election, but none whatsoever to protect his own political career. https://t.co/26u6TdjFS8

Secondly, reference to RG’s hand, in propelling Adv Chamisa also explains why G40 have tried (unsuccessfully), positioning themselves as Adv Chamisa’s handlers.

They maintain this fallacy that Adv Chamisa still won’t make it in 2018 ‘without the support of Zanu PF elements’ https://t.co/RS21IgNFTu

Perhaps the only alternative for the actual G40 cowards, would be waiting on their ex-ally, Mr Mnangagwa, ‘extending amnesty’ towards them.

If anything, parts of the Dr Mzembi interview betrays this desperate hope.

They would all run back, should they be invited, to loot! https://t.co/gzbMtZjurP

In the meantime, Dr Mzembi’s contradictions kept exposing themselves

While labeling Adv Chamisa & team, of ‘lacking courage’, he also thinks it’s ‘foolish’ for anyone to be politically active in Zim, after being profiled ‘enemies of the state’, by ZanuPF

Sounds familiar! https://t.co/OOKMd4hTbH

While at it, Dr Mzembi, and all other ex Mugabe subordinates can go ahead and salivate about the time they “served him loyally”

They can maintain ‘pride’ & ‘no regret’ for ‘serving’ an unrepentant murderer, who looted national resources; rigged elections & left Zim isolated. https://t.co/8YtnBH1xst

In contrast, all Zimbabweans who’ve invested in & for change, are fully aware of Dr Tsvangirai’s legacy.

We also acknowledge Adv Chamisa courage & temerity.

Need I add, these are different individuals, operating in different times, with different destinies.


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