Zanu PF has no structures: Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya

Dr. Pedzisai Ruhanya


HARARE—A party that engineers a military coup, topples an elected leader, not through its structures in Binga, Uzumba, Mberengwa or Dande cant be allowed to vomit about structures, a political analyst has said.

Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya has implored the ruling junta to stop its baseless attacks on Citizens Coalition for Change over party structures.

He says the military, CIO, police, state institutions are not structures of ZANU PF but were used to topple Robert Mugabe, an elected leader.

“If these are the ZANU PF structures then we can engage varakashi on their understanding of party structures. In fact their conflation of party and state is illegal, unconstitutional, vile and undemocratic.

“ZANU PF Lacoste has no structures. G40 has no structure. Which ZANU PF structure removed Mugabe,” he says.

He adds that neither Parliament nor a ZANU PF structure removed Mugabe, but he was unconstitutionally toppled by the military.

“Even in Parliament, the bogus motion to impeach him was raised by James Maridadi of MDC who also joined the looting club and is now a ZANU PF ambassador; so which structure of ZANU PF removed Mugabe!!

“From Ndabaningi Sithole to Robert Mugabe, Zanu PF leaders have been removed by the military and not by the masses of its members or structures. Povo haina dhiri in Zanu PF. Kune zvoto,” he says.



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