Bulawayo man eaten by dogs

Anderson Bonde


A Bulawayo man who is hearing impaired lost a huge chunk of his left arm’s flesh after two unrestrained dogs pounced and mauled him.

Anderson Bonde (42) from Hillside suburb in Bulawayo barely hears and uses a device to enhance his hearing. On the day in question he was walking home when the two dogs pounced on him. He said the horrific incident happened at about 6pm when he was about to reach his home.

“I was walking home at around 6pm and when I was about to reach home, I met a gardener who was walking his employer’s two dogs and they had no leash and he was concentrating on his phone,” he said.

The dogs, started to bark and charge at him.

“I tried to tell the guy to restrain his dogs, but the guy could not care about what I was saying. As I was warning him to control his dogs, one of the dogs jumped at me and mauled me on the arm and removed a chunk of meat on my right arm. I felt an excruciating pain running through my body.”

Surprisingly the gardener ran into the yard and left him sprawling on the ground while wailing for help.

“I bled. My wife heard the cries and rushed to pick me up and took me to United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH),”said Bonde.

Bonde said due to the intense pain he could barely sleep.

“I’m faced with a hard situation because it’s painful and I fail to sleep,” said.

Bonde said the owner of the dogs has not shown any sympathy and blocked his cellphone number.

“For some days he ignored my calls and blocked me. He then later gave me US$50. On another day he gave me R600. But the money is not enough because I need bus fare to go to hospital and money to buy things like bandages and other meds.”

Bonde, the sole breadwinner, said he was now failing to fend for his family.

“This situation has plunged my family into a crisis because I used to survive on doing menial jobs like gardening and other things, but now I no longer do that due to injury to my hand. I cannot fend for my family and I don’t know how I will raise money for rent and food for my family,” he said.

He said he needs two batteries for his hearing device.

“The batteries only last two days and they cost US$2 each and with the dire situation I’m facing I don’t have money to buy them. I now rely on sign language,” he said.

The owner of the dogs Kay Moyo said: “Bonde demanded US$1 200 as compensation. I find this inhuman and I will not give him such an amount.

“This guy wants to tarnish my image. I asked for medical reports but he could not give me.”

Moyo does not know the breed of dogs that mauled Bonde.

“I don’t know which type they are. I was given those dogs by a relative who is based in Harare.”

— BMetro

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