Kukurigo rubbishes Mahere’s US$1000 lawsuit, calls her adulteress


Former Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi has trashed Citizens Coalition for Change CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere’s US$1000 lawsuit and called her a adulteress.

“Today I received summons from adulteress, CCC spokesperson, @advocatemahere claiming US$100k in alleged defamation damages.

“She won’t get a cent,” says Baba Jukwa.

Kudzayi added that evidence in his possession against Mahere was impeccable, unimpeachable and compelling.

“Mahere, it’s outrageous that you continue to abuse a private address which is not mine despite having been warned against it.

“See you in court Spox,” says Kudzayi.

The lawsuit stems from a story ran by Kukurigo where he alleged that Mahere was the source of a marriage break down after snatching businessman Tinashe Murapata from his wife.


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