Mnangagwa man openly threatens to kill CCC leader Chamisa

Zanu PF's Mashayanyika


CCC has called for the immediate arrest of one Mashayanyika, a Zanu PF activist who openly incited violence.

The daring Mashayanyika said:” We are saying our opponents must be killed.

If we say someone must be killed then we mean it.

Chamisa must be killed.”

In a statement CCC Namibia said :

“Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia calls for the immediate arrest of ZANU-PF leader Mashayanyika who incited public violence.

We say NO TO SELECTIVE APPLICATION OF THE LAW. Wiwa and Godfrey Sithole are in jail because of similar allegations of inciting public violence.

We demand the immediate release of Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala and Sikhala.


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