Nduna recuses self from presiding over Sikhala case amid bias

Job Sikhala


Regional Magistrate Ngoni Nduna has agreed to recuse himself from presiding over the case involving opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Vice Chairman Job Sikhala (MP) who is being charged with inciting public violence.

Sikhala, sought the recusal of presiding Magistrate Nduna citing that he had exercised bias in the process of denying him bail. He is being represented by Jeremiah Bamu and Beatrice Mtetwa

CCC confirmed Nduna’s recusal from the case.

“BREAKING: Regional Magistrate Ngoni Nduna has recused himself from presiding over our MP Job Sikhala’s latest trumped up case,” the party stated.

Sikhala was arrested together with another CCC MP, Godfrey Sithole at the funeral wake of murdered party activist Moreblessing Ali. They are accused of inciting violence in Nyatsime to avenge her death.

The two were denied bail by both the Magistrate and High Courts. Sikhala has since been slapped with another charge of obstructing the course of justice.

But the Zengeza West legislator accused Nguna of politicising the case before denying him bail.

“Secondly, this court has already pronounced itself that the accused person has been arrested for over 65 times, and is not a candidate for bail,” Bamu submitted.

“It is not a coincidence that the State wants to place this matter before you (Nduna) because they are aware of your specific findings.

“They are aware that the finding will force you to act. It’s a clear act of forum shopping.”

He further told the court that the case “has been reduced to a political court for the persecution of public individuals who are perceived as nonconformist to the dictates of the state.”

Those who attended the court proceedings said the gallery had to clap hands when Nduna decided to step aside.

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