Java hasn’t contacted family of girl killed by his car

Prophet Passion Java


Family of the 17 year-old girl who died in a road traffic accident involving Passion Java’s vehicle has said the prophet never showed himself to the family following the death of their relative.

In a statement that was shared by a local tabloid H-Metro, Elizabeth Mukaro  said the family has also been disturbed by reports circulating on social media that the late Joyce Tandi was pregnant.

“We want to put the record straight that the deceased was not pregnant. 

At the same time we were shocked by a statement released by Prophet Passion about assistance he talked about.

His statement about scholarship is a clear insult to the family considering that the deceased was young and he never showed himself to the family,” she said.

The accident happened along Seke Road near a Zuva Service Station on Tuesday and Passion Java released a video via Fagio Marowa on Facebook clarifying the details.

He went on to discourage people from posting about the accident saying:

This is what happened today. So everybody haikona kuposta zvinhu muchiti Passion adai zvinhu zvadai because munhu akatotsikwa haisi good news. Please musatambe nezvinhu zvisina basa. God bless you. 

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