Video Of Nhlanhla Lux Who Hates Zimbabweans Holding AK-47 Causes Stir

Nhlanhla Lux Dlamini


What happened in South Africa in the last few days has left many people in a state of limbo. It appears that being in South Africa in general is no longer safe. People are being killed as if they don’t matter. The mass shootings in taverns across the country have many people believing that South Africa is under attack, and there is no sign of the government attempting to address the situation. The only thing Bheki Cele has done is send Amabherethe to Soweto to go door to door looking for the weapons that killed the people.

There is a need for the army to be deployed so that they can figure out who these people on a killing spree are, but this is not the case. There is now a trending video of Nhlanhla Lux on social media, and it has left many people with more questions than answers. There is even some speculation, especially after what occurred at a Soweto tavern. He was seen carrying an AK47.

We know that Nhlanhla Lux went to Nomzamo, where 16 people were killed in a tavern, and he said a lot of things there that raised questions for many people. According to Nhlanhla Lux, the people who killed South Africans at the tavern were foreigners. He said this as if he had proof that it was the foreigners. He went on to say that they got all of their power from EFF CIC leader Julius Malema. However, it has now been revealed that he possesses an AK47, which is the type of gun used to kill those people. Many assumptions are being made.

Nhlanhla Lux with his Ak-47 before all these shootings ?

This boy is dangerous! pic.twitter.com/LDBYnvh7FR

— PRO AFRICANS-DR. EFF (@Rebaone59275709) July 13, 2022

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