Deprose Muchena appointed global head at Amnesty International

Deprose Muchena


By Dr P. Zamchiya

Dear Reader,

Can you still doubt great things that us ordinary people can do? The ultimate testimony is Mukoma Deprose Muchena. Another Save. The Big River.

Mukoma grew up reading books in a round thatched hut deep in rural, dry & sandy Buhera. Even today, if you drive around Buhera, you might conclude that it is a land of no opportunities. Yet Mukoma, young as he was, was never going to give up. Sometimes reading under the paraffin lamp all in pursuit of knowledge. Reader, but remember paraffin was not always available to the ordinary to read at luxury. More often it was about squinting the eyes under the fire. At times squinting the eyes under the full moon, for Buhera is hardly cloudy. Yet, on one cold 19 July 2022, Mukoma certified the ordinary people’s extraordinary story. Never mind Mukoma has always been a global leader.

For the avoidance of doubt, Mukoma Deprose is now in charge of Western Europe , Eastern Europe, Americas, South East Asia & the Pacific, South Asia, Africa and Middle East at Amnesty International. If it were me. Hehedo! I would say hear, hear, hear… Pres1 is now in charge. However, that is not Mukoma. He modestly says, ‘I am joining the Senior Leadership Team of Amnesty as the new Senior Director – Regional Human Rights Impact to try and enhance our impact globally’.

Reader, Mukoma will be working with all Amnesty International Regional Offices around the World [8 of them] across the 5 Continents to advance Human Rights work. For the abundance of caution and for further inspiration to us the ordinary people, this is not a promotion but landing a new competitive Global Post. In fact, Save will be stepping down as Regional Director for East and Southern Africa in September. Surely, surely you can-not still doubt great things that us ordinary people can do. Reader, Yes, we can, and Mukoma is the mighty answer.

–Dr. P. Zamchiya is an academic and human rightist

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