Girlfriend disables boyfriend’sexual ability before dumping him


Tedious Lisimati is an angry man because he was dumped by his lover Patricia Masango and now he is demanding money he spent on her and his underwear which vanished while they were staying together.

Tedious suspects that Patricia (26) bewitched him because after his underwear mysteriously disappeared from the wardrobe his bedroom gun failed to shoot.

After developing the worrying handicap, Patricia deserted him.

When Tedious discovered that his longtime sweetheart had disappeared with some of his clothes and money he followed her.

However, Patricia denied ever disappearing with his clothes.

Tedious is not convinced by that as he confronted her but Patricia teamed up with her new lover and bashed him.

Tedious is unsettled about the disappearance of his underwear and being rendered impotent.

What he is asking for is that his ex returns his underwear and he takes it to a prophet who will use it to fix his manhood.

However, his efforts have hit a snag.

He approached the Western Commonage Courts for intervention.

“My name is Tedious Lisimati.

I was in love with Patricia for close to three years.

While we were staying together my underwear disappeared and she professed ignorance about it.

I am sure she took it to a traditional healer who fixed my manhood so that it would not rise for any woman except her.

“Now the sad part is that she has dumped me.

When I confront her she would team up with her lover and bash me.

Therefore I’m applying for a peace order.

And I also demand my underwear and the money I spent on her.”

The presiding magistrate Linear Khumalo granted Tedious and his ex a reciprocal order.

The order binds them to live peacefully and not to visit each other or call each other.


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