Mai Titi’s 3 months marriage already on the rocks

Felistas Murata Edwards and her husband Tinashe Maposa standing by their huge wedding cake


She bankrolled their wedding & hubby not willing to refund her

Zimbabwean musician and comedian Felistas Murata Edwards, better known as Mai Titi, has said she is heartbroken and regrets marrying her United States-based husband Tinashe Maphosa.

The couple’s marriage has become rocky barely three months after they tied the knot, source reports.

The couple made headlines after they splashed over US$100 000 on a wedding held at Royal Gates in Chisipite in April this year.

According to media reports, Mai Titi used personal funds for the wedding.

To book Royal Gates, Mai Titi is said to have paid US$6 000, she paid US$4 500 for the gown, US$800 for décor and US$7 500 for the rings.

Tinashe Maphosa is said to have promised to settle the bills and debts but is now not willing to fulfil his promises.

Mai Titi said her husband had no money for their wedding although he was the one who had insisted that they wed. She said:

He would contribute money but could not afford exorbitant bills. I would settle those by myself, for example, he wanted a helicopter for our wedding but could not afford. I paid for the helicopter myself.

She said she had put about US$50 000 aside for her house which she was building but diverted the money for their wedding.

She now fears Tinashe Maphosa could be dating a friend’s daughter only identified as Panashe.

It is alleged that Panashe is now blocking every effort for Mai Titi to take occupation or possession of the new house she was given by Tinashe Maphosa who allegedly gave the keys to Panashe.

Mai Titi also claimed that Maphosa was abusive and when he is angry, and fuming, “He would appear like a possessed person.”

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