Martin Dinha in sex scandal involving High School girls


In a new dramatic twist of events, National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) board chairperson Advocate Martin Dinha has been embroiled in a sex scandal involving a Mvurwi disgruntled family vowing to renew the pursuit for justice.

Dinha made headlines in 2019 after being dragged in a sex scandal involving four student girls (names supplied) from Mvurwi High School whom he invited to a sex escapade at a local hotel in Bindura for a week.

The four pupils were later expelled from the school, however, in a new bid to seek closure to the case, a source who spoke to this publication revealed that one of the families has since renewed efforts to seek justice against the former governor for Mashonaland Central province.

“Yes I can confirm with surety that one of the families whose child was manipulated into the sex escapade together with fellow three students are still haunted by the events, and to that effect, they are intending to renew the case which was allegedly swept under the carpet,” revealed the source.

“A lot of events are unfolding which might see Advocate Dinha facing numerous charges among them rape, remember the kids are said to have been held at a Bindura hotel for almost four days without their parents knowing their whereabouts.”

According to information obtained by this publication, one of the girls was forced to seek relocation and transferred to Regina Mundi where she had to finish her studies whilst the other one was transferred to St Phillip’s Mangwenya.

It is alleged that the bid to seek closure was interfered with on political grounds.

“Remember Dinha was the MP in Mvurwi from which he wielded political power and an associate with powerful families in Mvurwi, some of the families are actually behind the covering of this sexual scandal as their children were also involved.

“Adding on to that the other victim’s mother is a widow who got defeated by political power to seek recourse and was only rescued by other relatives and chose silence due to the sensitivity of the nature,” added another source close to the events.

Though provincial police spokesperson Inspector Milton Mundembe was not readily available for comment, an internal source revealed that possible investigations might be renewed as some of the families are still haunted by the events.

“I can confirm that probabilities are high that the case might be under the spotlight again, though it is yet sensitive to comment on,” said a Mazowe police intelligence officer who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“A lot of factors are at play that might also involve the cover-up by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, remember the school authorities tried to follow up the case but it died a natural death as Dinha was still a powerful political figure in the area,” said the officer.

The former Mashonaland Central governor was last month sucked in the love triangle involving the late Ximex dealer Boss Pango who later killed her girlfriend Samantha Dzapata over infidelity.

Rumours were rife that the late dealer’s girlfriend was two-timing him with Dinha and was behind the shooting incident of the controversial politician.

Dinha recently made headlines after an audit report on the NRZ revealed his luxurious lifestyle and thrift spending at local hotels.

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