Home Affairs targeting documented ZEP holders, but leaving millions of illegal Indian and white immigrants to roam Mzansi freely

SA Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi-


By Luke Mufaro Dzviti

The Hom Affairs must not convert legal ZEP holders to be illegal immigrants. The government must look at the issue of millions of illegal immigrants by giving a timeline for illegal immigrants to leave not to ZEP who are legal. Removing illegal immigrants from South Africa is the only way to make a high unemployment rate to reduce. Currently removing zep holders won’t help as 0.3% from 35.6% makes almost no difference. The police are only arresting illegal immigrants black people at Park Station and MTN Taxi Rank in Johannesburg and in Pretoria and Durban South Point Beach but not asking for ID Cards from Indians and white people in Chatsworths in Durban or TableView in Cape Town . Dudula are chasing away black foreigners from shops like ShopRite and Spar without checking where the owner comes from. Dudula people are not able to go to companies employing 100% white people in Sandton and Fourways, or 100% Indians in Durban Morningside, and ask the to go back where they came from, they only look where black people are employed and this is xenophobic, jealousy and hatred from these faceless dudula criminals trying to create an anarchy. If Phopi the Limpopo MEC has found the patient in a hospital to be white person, she would not have done what she did. On the other side, should European countries go and switch off oxygen from South Africans in Europe because they are foreigners who should walk with R10,000 in pocket everytine to pay hospital fees.

How must every foreigner carry R10,000 in pocket that he could get sick unexpectedly and end up in a South African hospital? If they don’t want Zimbabwean truck drivers in South Africa then the GP registered truck passing through Zimbabwe and Zambia must end at Beitbridge and then be driven by Zimbabweans in truck with AA number plates, if South African truck drivers want to drive past Zimbabwe they must apply for a visa in Zimbabwe by producing SAQA, radiology, newspaper adverts and wait for 4 years to get a Visa with conditions that could be amended anytime.

  1. Bond between a Zimbabwe maid and a son of an employer she looked after since birth cannot be replaced. Bond can’t be replaced. A current domestic worker who nursed a child from birth has become a second mother to the child and replacing such a person caused anxiety for many years because it’s like replacing a mother with more of a stepmother (I’ve given a top for motivation for Domestic Workers here).
  2. It is wrong to ask for SAQA evaluation from Truck Drivers and Domestic Worker. Why do domestic workers whose job is to clean the plates and sweep the floor need a college degree? Honestly an employer can’t ask for a college degree to employ a house maid.
  3. People who have been legally living and working and paying tax in the country can’t apply the same as those who have never been to South Africa. It’s wrong to ask for newspaper ads 12 years after one has been employed and paying tax.
  4. New Critical skills List mustn’t be applied to those who are employed already. You can’t terminate one’s job on basis that the job where a person was employed with Diploma, now you tell him he must go because you now require in a month someone with a Masters Degree. It’s fair a critical skills holder when required to have higher qualification should be afforded more study years without losing a job.

If any country wants to amend immigration law, such new hostile requirements should only be applicable to first time applicants (those now coming for the first time into a country) not to those legally working for many years already. It is totally wrong to employ illegal immigrants in any country or to have a business operated by an illegal immigrant. However, illegal immigrants shouldn’t be searched on the basis of skin colour and should be treated in a humane manner.

Luke Mufaro Dzviti is the Chairman of Zimbabwe Immigration Federation that launched a court challenge to Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi’s decision to scrap the Zimbabwe Exemption Permits

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