Prison guards implicated in Sikhala poisoning saga

Job 'Wiwa' Sikhala


JOB Sikhala’s aide, Freddy Masarirevhu, has implicated Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison officials in the alleged poisoning of the incarcerated opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) legislator on Saturday.

“I spoke (to) Sikhala, who is visibly in a very terrible state. He informed me that on Saturday, about eight men, officers, came to his cell. He said the men informed him that they wanted to conduct a search. He said he was told to be at a distance as they were searching,” Masarirevhu said.

“He said they did not disclose what they were looking for. They moved around his belongings, including his food. After this, he advised me that he went on to eat his food that evening and then he vomited continuously.

“The nurses at the prison had to immediately attend to him. He said had it not been that, he could have died. He was attended to by the nurses for hours as there was some panic. Thereafter, he took 10 litres of water as part of the treatment.”

Currently, Sikhala’s state is stable, he added. “At the moment, he appears stable, but he said he is still suffering from a stomach ache. He can’t walk properly. He said he suspects that the officers did something. He said they have never searched before in the manner they did. He is still recovering and I hope he gets better soon.”

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