CCC cries foul over Mberengwa by-election loss

CCC's Fadzayi Mahere


The opposition CCC has started conducting a “post-mortem review” of recent by-elections to ascertain areas that need change and improvement.

CCC national spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said the party has noted electoral malpractices in areas such as Mberengwa and Nyanga during the by-elections conducted on 08 October 2022. She said:

We’ve consistently said that each by-election is a dry run for 2023. We’re keenly aware of the assisted voting, political violence, banning of CCC meetings and voter intimidation that take place in Mberengwa and Nyanga. ZANU PF will never win a free and fair election in Zimbabwe.

We’ve begun our post-mortem review of these elections to examine how to sharpen our response to electoral manipulation in these areas.

We have a model of how to win rural elections that has worked in places like Binga and Bulilima which we are scaling across the country.

Mahere urged citizens to register as voters and vote in huge numbers and also defend their votes to guarantee “change” in Zimbabwe. She said:

As we work on the heavy lifting to ensure a big win in 2023, we continue to push hard for electoral reforms as we strengthen our mass mobilization program.

We must register to vote, turn out to vote in our millions and defend the vote so we win Zimbabwe for change in 2023.

As always, we thank the brave citizens who did turn out to vote for CCC despite the odds.

We value your commitment to the struggle and your courage in the face of adversity.

ZANU PF won both the contested Rural District Council seats in Nyanga and Mberengwa.

In Nyanga Ward 27, ZANU PF’s Simon Nyazenga garnered 376 while CCC’s Artwell Tichiwangani received 123 votes.

In Mberengwa Ward 15 Albenias Nkonzo of ZANU PF garnered 765 while Cornias Dhongijena of CCC got 165.

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