Ruhanya rubbishes Chamisa as a dictator that pretends to be democratic

Dr. Pedzisai Ruhanya


As cracks continue to widen in the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), one of the party’s key advisors, also a University of Zimbabwe lecturer, Dr Pedzisayi Ruhanya, has warned that CCC leader, Nelson Chamisa, was fast precipitating into a dictator.

Adding that Chamisa’s “Machiavellian politics” were contradictory to democratic principles.

Ruhanya further bemoaned that the main opposition under Chamisa had lost the collective values of the MDC of the late Morgan Tsvangirai.

In a hard hitting thread Ruhanya tweeted: “Decisions in politics make sense when they are collective and reflect the will of people politicians represent. When you find yourself thinking you know everything, you can dribble and hurt everyone and that only your ideas matter then you are precipitating into dictatorship.

“Machiavellian politics don’t work in the modern age because they are contradictory to democratic principles. You can’t be Machiavelli and a democrat at the same time, it’s contradictory, it’s oxymoronic, it’s an aberration!

“Differences are not bad for democracy, they nourish democratic practices. In politics don’t expect to be surrounded by friends. Even in church differences occur but what makes the church an enduring institution is the capacity of the leaders to manage differences institutionally.”

He added: “I represent myself and myself only. I don’t speak on behalf of anyone but Pedzisai. Don’t associate myself with things I don’t know. I love my independence. I can’t survive an hour in any political party because I am allergic to stupid things. I can never say Fanta is Coke because a particular leadership says so!”

Adding his voice, London based political and economic analyst, Birghton Musonza tweeted: “Going into an national election without Congress and structures it means anything you pledge to deliver is not a shared vision; it’s desktop fiction that has not been debated or let alone tested for validation and verification. You are imposing your views and so you’re a dictator.”

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