Deputy Minister Paradza tells Chamisa to forget about electoral demands

Deputy Communication Minister, Kindness Paradza


INFORMATION deputy minister Kindness Paradza says government will not succumb to Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa’s demands for electoral reforms.

“If Chamisa wants electoral reforms, he has to work through Parliament. If the [Electoral Amendment] Bill goes to Parliament, it will go for public scrutiny through public hearings where, if he wants to make any submissions, he can do so through his Members of Parliament and supporters,” Paradza told NewsDay yesterday.

“That is democracy in our view. But it does not have to be a demand because we do not succumb to demands. We are the ruling party and have been in power for 42 years and we do not succumb to demands from the opposition.”

Paradza was responding to Chamisa’s Twitter post that a 2023 pre-election pact is the only way to go for the country to avoid a disputed poll outcome.

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