Zimbabwean MPs float in Dreamland as Mnangagwa opens new parliament


MT HAMPDEN – In an incident  reminiscent of that in Uganda where half of President Yoweri Museveni’s top ministers were sleeping as he addressed them in Parliament a few years ago, Zimbabweans emulated, perhaps outdid, their Ugandan counterparts by nodding off for the entire part of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s opening of the swanky new parliament in Mount Hampden last week, some 10km outside the capital.

While State-controlled media deliberately avoided zooming in on the  sleeping Zanu PF bigwigs, footage has appeared online of the embarrasing episode where finance minister Mthuli Ncube, Morgern Komichi of Douglas Mwonzora’s outfit and many others are clearly in Dreamland, prompting ingenious Zimbabweans to come up with memes such as “Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo – KANA VAMUKA!”

In Uganda, a few years ago when MPs were filmed sleeping, one comnentator remarked, “Had President Museveni not been the one addressing parliament, he would have been sleeping too!”

Perhaps, the same can be said of President Mnangagwa.

During the Budget presentation a few days later, most slept too. However, this time around, Mthuli Ncube was awake as he was the one presenting it.

One Zimbabwean was so angry he made a commentary that the so-called honourable members only woke up to rubber-stamp decisions already made by the executive. “No wonder we are in deep, deep trouble,” he said. – Zimbabwe Observer.

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