Chamisa accepted perks from Mugabe: Mliswa

CCC leader Nelson Chamisa


Independent legislator Temba Mliswa today blasted the opposition for dithering and said Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa cannot order his legislators to turn down a loan from the government when he accepted perks under President Robert Mugabe’s administration.

He accused Chamisa of pandering to the public saying this showed lack of leadership.

Zimbabwe has just announced that the country’s legislators will be given loans of US$40 000 to buy houses. Chamisa described the move as vote-buying ahead of next year’s election due in July or August and asked his legislators to turn down the loans.

“The opposition is failing to be a veritable alternative as it continues dithering over issues exhibiting a lack of consistency and focus,” Mliswa tweeted. “One day they stand for one thing and the next they are lamenting or denying alignment with the same. How can they get into power?”

“Today Gvt offers loans and they accept them yet their leader says something else different. This is despite that he himself has received equivalent perks during the Mugabe tenure. Instead of supporting us he goes against us, succumbing to ill-informed mob pressure.

“In this medley of contradictions, fluctuations and dissonance, it’s apparent that the opposition isn’t providing a cohesive front neither is it giving the electorate confidence. You cannot be constantly swayed by public pressure to accept impractical things. Show some spine!

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