Chapman turns down invitations to join CCC

DUZ President Robert Chapman


HARARE – Democratic Union of Zimbabwe (DUZ) leader, Robert Chapman, says he has rejected several invitations to join the Nelson Chamisa-led Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

Chapman, who was born in Chinhoyi, and says he was orphaned at a young age, recently announced his intentions to contest in the 2023 presidential election.

After Chapman announced that he was running for president because people are “tired of living in poverty and that prosperity is possible,” David Coltart, a senior CCC official suggested that Chapman should join the Chamisa-led party.

Said Coltart: At the outset, I wish to affirm your Constitutional right to stand for President.

My only questions, Sir, are: One – Do you realise that all you are going to do is divide those opposed to ZANU PF, which benefits ZANU PF and no one else? Two – Why not rather join and strengthen CCC?

In response, Chapman claimed he already tried to join the CCC but was informed that he will not have any policymaking role.

He said: “Already tried and was told I would be given “goat skinning” duties. Seriously, I was actually told this, lol. See you on the campaign trail!

Chapman added that it would have been ideal for Coltart to reach out to him directly than on social media. He said:

Hello Honourable, thank you for the note. Your questions are valid but possibly should be addressed internally in your organisation. What you are asking I’ve answered.
Internal dialogue in your organisation may be centred around toxicity, fighting, corruption within and elitism.
Matching ideologies would be addressed. As a seasoned politician, I would have hoped you could have reached out directly/back channelled.
However, maybe the comments shed a moment of reflection for the organisation to attract people including alliances. Stay well and blessed.
United States of America-based academic, Chipo Dendere then joined the two politicians’ exchange on Twitter. She said:
As you said it’s his right to run. It’s up to CCC to show why he is not the right candidate. If there is concern that he will split the vote then CCC must do more work for the voters likely to pivot to him.
It means those voters need something that CCC isn’t giving.
Another Twitter user, Cathie Marise, said Coltart should join DUZ and not ask Chapman to join CCC, saying “Last I checked CCC has no structures thus one can’t exactly join, you just follow”.
Businessman Kuda Musasiwa claimed CCC officials with a sense of entitlement will not accept Chapman. He said:
Because there is NO space in the current “structures”. The gatekeepers will ruin him and the reputational damage will be huge. The hangers-on will not accept him. The entitled won’t allow him. Simple.
In December 2022, the Alliance for the People’s Agenda (APA) said it will back Chapman’s 2023 presidential bid following the departure of its founding president Nkosana Moyo.
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