Chinamasa feels pinch of Zanu PF incompetence

, Patrick Chinamasa


..as he finishes journey on foot in Nyanga due to lack of roads

Zanu PF chef Chinamasa comes face to face with country’s poor road network; narrates how he was forced to abandon car, finish journey on foot

ZANU PF Secretary for Finance Patrick Chinamasa was recently brought face-to-face with ordinary Zimbabweans’ realities when he was forced to abandon his vehicle to finish a trip on foot after encountering impassable roads in rural Nyanga, Manicaland province.

The former Finance Minister was visiting family to pay his condolences following the death of his niece, as part of traditional rites.

His niece, Paurina Saguru succumbed to asthma “months ago”.

Sharing the ordeal on Twitter, Chinamasa who was accompanied by his wife on the trip, in their high-end 4×4 vehicle said they were forced to use a swinging, wooden bridge overlooking a valley so as to access the home which from that point is 5km away.

I had not been to her homestead as generally it was & remains not easily accessible for reasons that will shortly become self evident.Her homestead cannot be accessed by road. We had to leave our car some 5km away & walk the distance. pic.twitter.com/cVVktNr4Qh

— ZanuPF National Secretary for Finance. (@Chinamasa_PA) January 13, 2023

His wife was to later beg for an alternative route as she could not bear using the makeshift bridge a second time.

The alternative they later agreed on added 2km to their trek back.

On their way, Chinamasa revealed that they had seen a washed away bridge which fell victim to heavy rains ‘seasons’ ago.

His narration, which exposes a general lack of development in rural areas seemingly exposed the ruling Zanu PF party and ends with Chinamasa declaring that he will say things as he sees and hears them.

The first hurdle was to cross Morozi river a tributary of Kaerezi/Gaerezi river. We needed to brace ourselves (especially in the case of my wife who can’t manage heights) to walk on the dancing/swinging footbridge (Mugedhegedhe -derived from the swinging motion).

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