Chiwenga Implicated In The Mysterious Death Of Prominent Harare Businessman

VP Chiwenga


Vice President Constantino Chiwennga has been fingered in the mysterious death of a Harare businessman, whom he grabbed a government tender from.

George Mushambi (51), the director of Tawana Power Corporation, died in Harare this week after a short illness.

His death follows wrangles with Chiwenga over a multi-million dam construction government tender the late won, which the vice President blocked and later hijacked.

Tawana Power Corporation was awarded a tender to construct the Kondo-Chitowe dam in Manicaland in 2018.

The water project was going to be the most significant inland dam to generate Electricity and feed into the national grid. It would also benefit local communities with irrigation and other farming activities.

The company working with the government had also signed bilateral agreements with the governments of South Africa (Limpopo province) and Mozambique, whose two countries the project was also going to supply both water and power generation.

Chiwenga blocked the tender and grabbed the project after realising the intensity of the project.

Mushambi had taken Chiwenga to the courts challenging these two developments.

One of Mushamba’s top business advisors has since fled the country for fear of persecution.

Another local Mushambi associate who is close to these developments told ZimEye that there were strong suspicions that Chiwenga could have poisoned the late businessman.

He said: We are surprised by his death, which happened suddenly, but we are not surprised by who caused it. We are very confident that Chiwenga has a hand, given the battles Mushambi was having with this top military man. Our suspicion, which can not go down the drain, is that Chiwenga could have sent some slay queens to poison this guy.

Mushambi was buried at Glen Forestry cemetery in Harare today.

Efforts to get a comment from Chiwenga were fruitless as his phone was not reachable at the time of publishing this story.

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