Men use me to make money and dump me, says Mai TT

Mai TT


Controversial comedienne Mai TT says she has a history of being used by men to make money and then they dump her.

Mai TT, real name Felistas Murata made the sentiments after being accused of stealing another woman’s husband.

This comes after Mai TT posted a picture posing in a car with a man and many quickly concluded that she was in a reideith reidan who has been identified ane of Gilbert’s wives from Ghana who identified herself as Priscilla Ampofo shared receipts proving that she is Gilbert’s wife.

Priscilla accused Mai TT of controlling Gilbert. She said that Gilbert is now neglecting her and their child. Priscilla claims she is stuck in Ghana because Mai TT blocked Gilbert from assisting her.

Taking to her Facebook account, Mai TT set the record straight claiming that she only dates divorcees not married men.
In her post, she seemingly insinuated that Gilbert was a divorcee. She even jokingly advocated against women who date married men.

“Inini chaiye ndodanana nema divorcee zvevarume vevanhu ratodrama 😂😂😂. Shuwa a whole cat mom like me ndomirira baba kuti nhasi murikuuya here or munamadam 🙌🙌 Mashura akaiswa cooking oil nesoda. Ndiri ndoenda kumwedzi katatu kasingagume 😂😂😂😂. Musandipe mbiri yandisina handsat ndakuvarume vevanhu bira kumadivorcee. Pasi nekudanana nevarume vevanhu 😂😂😂😂😂.”

In another post, Mai TT stated that these days she is focusing on restoring what was stolen from her.

She said after getting heartbroken a couple of times, she now just wants to focus on herself and not rush into another relationship.

“Mazuvano I’m focusing on restoring what was stolen from me. Kundiona ndirimumota nemunhu doesn’t mean ndodanana navo. Handina history yekuita zvevarume vevanhu. Ndingori ne history yekushandiswa nevarume kuti vaite mari vondisiya.

This has taught me to take my time and focus on myself than opening my heart to be wounded over and over again. Musandione ndichisekerera I don’t even know how I do it .”

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