Zimbabwe now a failed state: Koni Leonard

President ED Mnangagwa


The economic mismanagement and corruption under Mugabe’s administration has spilled into this new dispensation of Emmerson Mnangagwa. Every sector of economic, political and social stratus is falling apart. Zanu PF has zero implementation of policies.

Regardless of these economic troubles, many Zimbabweans have been adversely affected, lacking basic commodities and suffering from food insecurity, power shortages, record-high rates of unemployment, and the weakening of the Zimbabwean bond note.

This has been exacerbated by cracking down on NGOs private business setting a bad precedence on the engagement of private voluntary organisations.

The economy is shrinking and the future of many Zimbabweans looks bleak and gloomy.

Zanu PF is a failed state. A government that loses control after its economic collapse is labelled a failed state.

The Zanu PF government’s inability to fix the economy, failure to stop the fabric moral decay and failing to solve the unemployment  crisis in the country are pointers that we need new leaders to take over.

The youths which are the backbone of the economic development in the country are now drug addicts. The Zimbabwe Republic Police must be serious about this matter and act accordingly. We are losing a generation because of this scourge.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has failed to address the influx of drug usage in the country which has adversely affected the young population.

He has even failed to deal with corruption which is dribbling him left, right and centre. Since he took over power through a coup from Mugabe, Mnangagwa had never positively dealt with the scourge of corruption and noone has ever been arrested and found guilty. There is no accountability and proper governance.

On education, there is nothing to write home about as exams have been leaking coupled with poor pass rates.

His engagement with Beralus one of the poorest countries in Europe led by Alexander Lukashenko, who is not even recognised in Europe and the United States after stealing the August 2020 presidential elections, shows lack of seriousness on Mnangagwa’s re-engagement policies with serious nations.

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