Chamisa will defeat ED: Svikiro

CCC leader Nelson Chamisa


By Musiri Baukwa and Susan Moyo

A Masvingo South Svikiro shocked many people in ZanuPF stronghold of Nyajena when she declared that Chamisa will defeat ZanuPF in the coming elections.

Mbuya Magudu a respected Shangani traditional spirit medium in the remote area of Chief Nyajena said ZanuPF has lost respect of vadzimu throughout the country.

Mbuya Magudu said ” ZanuPF will be history after this election. Ropa iro ririkuchema nderaniko ? Iwe Mnangagwa Ropa iro nderaniko? Vanhu vatema vana vevhu ndivo makapoda. Ropa revana vevhu radavigwa kuchema kwaro”

ZanuPF is accused of killing many blacks during Gukurahundi and after the formation of MDC in 1999.

Mbuya Magudu to have the courage to pronounce a statement against ZanuPF in Nyajena shocked many. Masvingo South is one Constituency where violence, intimidation and manipulation of voters is openly done by ZanuPF youths. Mbuya Magudu said the statement in front of some ZanuPF aspiring candidates. She is said have been possessed by the spirit of Soshongana.

Mbuya Magudu said ZanuPF has lost support in both Urban and rural areas. She said even if Mnangagwa attempt to rig he won’t be successful.

“ZEC official are suffering like anyone else. Police and soldiers are fade up of Mnangagwa’s empty plastic promises. Teachers aren’t happy. Rural voters aren’t happy. ZanuPF is most hated animal in Zimbabwe.” She added.

Mbuya Magudu explained how ZanuPF was connected to the people during the liberation struggle and it’s flrst years in power.

“We respect our traditional spirit mediums and Christan leaders . We will not stop from campaigning because of Mbuya Magudu’s word. We will leave no stone unturned. The rural voters are prepared for change. ” said CCC change Champion Lameck Musvovi in Renco Mine.


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