Kenyan Jesus seeking police protection from crucifixion

Lines of white crosses on big cemetery field


A KENYAN cleric, Reverend Yesu Wa Tongaren, who claims to be ‘Jesus Christ’, is reported to have sought police protection after members of his community threatened to ‘crucify’ him on Good Friday on April 7.

Whether this remains blasphemous or a gimmick is yet to be established but the clergy raised an alarm with the police.

Reports say Tongaren told police on Sunday that members of his community in Bungoma had vowed to crucify him on April 7.

The residents said if he is really Jesus, he would also resurrect on the third day and ascend to heaven.

He reportedly told police that he does not feel safe anymore around his community around this time of the year.

Reports say that members of his community only want him to prove to them that he is really the Son of God as he has been preaching.

According to his ‘disciples’, the reverend, who commands a huge following, allegedly turned water into tea during a wedding ceremony in Bungoma.

In an interview with TUKO.co.ke, Tongaren said God’s army was protecting him from any harm and those who have sensationalised the matter would be punished by God.

He said they would only crucify him in their dreams.


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