Bid to remove President ED Mnangagwa from office: Sybeth Musengezi in serious trouble

Sybeth Musengezi


The State led by Mr Tafara Chirambira has accused Sybeth Musengezi of fighting to evade trial through submitting applications which are not premised on the law.

Musengezi, who had earlier on unsuccessfully applied for a postponement, is facing allegations of using a fake address to join Zanu-PF structures and earn himself a position in the Youth League.

After his application for postponement was dismissed and when Mr Chirambira was about to read the charges to him, Musengezi made another application for stay of proceedings.

However, Mr Chirambira opposed the application saying it was nothing but an attempt to delay or frustrate trial.

He further submitted that Musengezi’s application is not founded in statute.

The matter was deferred to April 26 for ruling.

Allegations are that sometime in 2012, Musengezi, acting in common purpose with Allen Chisuko and Taurai Mutimbanyoka, misrepresented to Zanu PF that he stayed at No. 4315 Hatcliffe Extension, Harare for him to join as a member of the ruling party’s Muzinda 1A District.

It is said that he was then registered and became a member. In 2019, Musengezi allegedly connived with Taurai Mutimbanyoka and misrepresented that he was within the cells of Zanu PF’s Mai Chitepo Branch, Muzinda 1 District. The court heard that Musengezi also became eligible for elections to a Zanu PF branch position or post – a preserve only for Zanu PF political party members who would be appearing in the cell structures.

Musengezi was then elected as the Zanu PF Mai Chitepo branch Muzinda H District Youth Wing vice chairperson. It is alleged that Musengezi deprived the ruling party of its good reputation and good administration. He also allegedly participated in Zanu PF political elections and programmes which he was not entitled to and which he would not have enjoyed if he was not a member.

Musengezi took the onus to bell the proverbial cat in a bold court challenge against President ED Mnangagwa’s legitimacy.

He argues the Zimbabwean incumbent was unjustly elevated to the Zanu PF top job by party allies in the aftermath of the sh0ck military assisted coup against late former President Robert Mugabe November 2017.

Musengezi’s Harare home was ‘petrol bombed’ in October last year in a suspected arson attack.

“Help please petrol bombing at my house in sandton … 410 sandton on fire my house petrol bombed help please,” he said while accompanying the posts with images of charred remains of property inside his home and the shell of a vehicle which was also caught in the inferno.

“Property destroyed is worth thousands of dollars.”

Musengezi said he was assisted by neighbours to fight the inferno using buckets of water.

“This is what they have done. Thanks to the neighbourhood ‘vazodzima moto nema’ (extinguished it using) buckets. We managed to get out,” he said.

Musengezi told NewsDay he suspected that the attack was carried out by suspected Zanu PF and State security agents.

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