Chamisa warns of fresh battles

CCC leader Nelson Chamisa


Opposition CCC leader Nelson Chamisa, said the just-ended Easter retreat in the countryside has given him new strength to fight new political battles with Zanu PF.

Cut off from the outside world with zero network coverage, where he spent the Easter holidays, Chamisa spent the weekend reflecting, praying, and breaking bread.

“The retreat left me feeling refreshed and reinvigorated, ready to face the political battles,” he tweeted Tuesday.

Chamisa is known for his unwavering determination and resilience in the face of adversity. He is no stranger to the challenges of the political landscape in Zimbabwe, where his party, the main opposition Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC), is advocating for transparency, accountability, and inclusivity in the country’s governance.

As he returns from the retreat, Chamisa is filled with renewed energy and focus. He is more determined than ever to continue his fight for change, despite the odds stacked against him. He knows that winning against the ruling party, ZANU PF, will not be easy, but he is prepared to take on the challenge.

Chamisa reaches out to his fellow party members, urging them to stay united and play their part in the upcoming battles. He emphasizes the importance of collective effort and the need to engage with citizens across Zimbabwe to garner support for their cause. He is confident that they can overcome the obstacles in their path with their shared vision and commitment.

The Easter retreat has served as a source of inspiration for Chamisa. It has reignited his passion and he resolves to continue advocating for a better future for Zimbabwe. He is determined to leverage his leadership and mobilize his party to make a meaningful impact in the upcoming general elections.

With renewed vigour, Chamisa and his party, the CCC, are preparing to launch into the next stage of their campaign. They are committed to engaging in grassroots efforts, organizing rallies, and leveraging social media to raise awareness about their cause. They are determined to promote transparency, accountability, and inclusivity in Zimbabwe’s governance and to be the voice of the people who are longing for change.

As Chamisa gears up for the political battles ahead, he is filled with a sense of excitement and anticipation. He knows that the road ahead will be challenging, but he is determined to persevere. The Easter retreat has rekindled his spirit and reignited his commitment to the Citizens’ Winning Team. He is ready to lead his party with renewed energy and focus, and he is confident that they can make a difference in Zimbabwe’s political landscape.

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