CV better than the form: Jonathan Moyo on CCC candidate selection process

Political Professor. Jonathan Moyo


There is no rhyme or reason for using a poorly designed ‘Form” – purported to be a “meritocratic yardstick” or a technical method for scouting “qualified political leaders” – which is littered with misspellings of common words, like ‘nomination’ misspelt as ‘normination’; coupled with terribly constructed questions that are replete with sophomoric errors of commission and omission, whose highlight is an embarrassing question asking the party’s prospective nominees for general election candidates to “provide details of your proven loyalty to The Creator”.

Nothing beats a Curriculum Vitae (CV) whether for the purpose of security vetting; or the purpose of providing one’s personal history or record; or the purpose of detailing one’s professional qualifications, skills and competencies; or the purpose of sharing one’s values, faith, family or hobbies; or the purpose of including any relevant information as may be required by the user of the CV. The CV was invented precisely for the purpose, hence everyone around the world uses it accordingly.

No need to reinvent the wheel. Should a questionnaire be necessary, to get particular information not easily or reasonably providable in a CV, then that questionnaire should be professionally designed not just as a form, but as a data tool whose input is amenable to scientific analysis, removed from self-serving mumbo jumbo interpretations.

Lastly, while it is a given and is therefore perfectly understandable that political parties are free to do what they think is best for them and their interests; it must also be understood that when political parties put any information out there in the public domain, then members of the public are fully entitled to scrutinise or to critique that information with no holds barred.

CCC’s ‘Credentials and Track Record Form CS100D’ – which asks the party’s prospective nominees for the 2023 general election candidates to “provide details of your proven loyalty to The Creator” – was shared in these streets yesterday by @nelsonchamisa, the party’s leader.

Accordingly, the chips should lie where they fall as far as public scrutiny of the document is concerned. As a document, #CCC’s ‘Credentials and Track Record Form CS100D’ personifies mediocrity and as such, leaves a lot to be desired, coming as it does from a political formation that claims to be the “main opposition” party and “[the] government in waiting”.

It would be irrational and a public disservice not to review or critique the document, when it has been put in the public domain by none other than Nelson Chamisa himself. Leaving it alone with its errors of commission and omission would risk normalising mediocrity purely on political grounds!

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