Mnangagwa plans handing over to own sons?

Emmerson Junior Mnangagwa


BERLIN- President Emmerson Mnangagwa is reportedly plotting to have his first son with First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa, Emmerson junior, succeed him as leader of the country in 2028, Zimeye, can exclusively reveal today.

The explosive disclosures have inadvertently been confirmed by a family member and one of the president’s many children, all believed to number more than 18, from Mnangagwa’s other marriages.

So serious is the ghoulish and henious political disaster in the making, which will all but turn the Republic into a family monarchy, that Mnangagwa has also secretly lined up his twin sons with Auxillia, one who’s into business and the other a fast-tracked middle ranking military officer, to be Emmerson junior’s successive successors.

Mnangagwa’s dynastic succession mind, it would appear has also been inspired by Equatorial Guinea leader, Teodore Nguema Mbasogo, who has already installed his son, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, as vicepresident, in pole position to succeed him, high level government functionaries close to the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) have said. Mnangagwa and Nguema Mbasogo, have grown into becoming close allies in recent times, with the latter having gifted the former with a fully furnished luxurious presidential villa this February, in that country’s capital Malabo. OPC officials who travelled with Mnangagwa to Malabo early this year, as part of his delegation claim to have overheard a Nguema Mbasogo conversation, where he asked Mnangagwa: “Why are you wasting time, my son is now number two, and you have many boys?”. In the Democratic Republic of Congo Joseph Kabila ruled for 17 years after succeeding his assassinated father Laurent-Désiré as head of state in 2001.

Mnangagwa also has twin sons with the first lady, Sean and Collins Mnangagwa. Sean is a captain in the Presidential Guard, while Collins is into business dealing, controversially joining his father on several state trade and investment trips to China, Dubai and Eurasia although not employed by the government. Furthermore, it has come to light, that the octogenarian leader is going to reconfigure and recalibrate the presidium, after presidential and parliamentary polls slated for August this year, to include his dismissed and discredited top ally and former vice president, Kembo Mohadi, who will bounce back as vice president, equal to current VP Constantino Chiwenga, in powers.

Mnangagwa is doing away with the designations of first and second vice president to politically stonewall himself from a relatively powerful Chiwenga, whom he allegedly intends to retire and resign to the ruling party’s headquarters as leader of the newly established Elders Council (EC). Former defence minister, Sydney Sekeramayi, is currently heading the EC, and sits in the ruling party’s Politburo on the back of that ticket. Information at hand shows that Mnangagwa will reappoint Chiwenga as VP soon after the upcoming plebiscite, but will eventually ease him out of office some time down the line, to pave way for defence minister, Oppah Muchinguri. Mohadi and Muchinguri will thus become Mnangagwa’s two deputies, with Muchinguri back to represent a womens quota in the presidium, in similar fashion reminiscent of former VP Joice Mujuru’s elevation and promotion by the late President Robert Mugabe, in 2004. Mujuru was in office for 10 years between 2004 to December 2014, then Mugabe fired her for allegedly scheming to torpedo him from power. Prior to Mujuru’s rise, Mugabe had led the presidium with the late Joseph Msika and Simon Vengai Muzenda, who died in September 2003. “My dad is going to be around for a long time, and the country will be run by our family for many more decades to come. He (Mnangagwa the father) has already said he’s still going to be president in 2030,” one of Mnangagwa’s daughters who works in the field of wildlife unwittingly allegedly told a donor with the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF), at a private fund raising event in Western Cape, South Africa recently. “The president is there to stay for good, but we might see another Mnangagwa taking over in 2028, we call him ‘Emmerson 2’. Emmerson 2 can go for two full terms, before handing over to the twins. So you see we’re going nowhere anytime soon as a family insofar as the reigns of power in Zimbabwe are concerned.” Government insiders and Mnangagwa faction members have also intimated, that the president would like to go for an unprecedented third term in office if there’s no resistance inside Zanu PF, and would like to see the Constitution, which has two-five year tenure limits amended, so he could run again and “possibly hand power to Emmerson junior before 2033”. Three years ago, Mnangagwa invited the loathe of Zimbabweans, when he infamously said: “2030, ndendichipo (In 2030, I will still be President). Zanu PF General Secretary, Obert Mpofu, has already hinted that the ruling party is prepared to tinker with the national charter, to extend embattled Mnangagwa’s tenure beyond the stipulated two five-year terms. Mpofu first disclosed the plan at the ruling party’s youth convention in Kadoma in 2019, boasting that Zanu PF would take advantage of its twothirds majority in Parliament to effect the constitutional changes. “Mr President, you can go beyond 2028 if you so wish because the issue of law can be taken care of in Parliament,” Mpofu said then. Mnangagwa, who graced the event took to the podium, and declared that nothing would stop his party from making such constitutional amendments. “We can change the laws … there is nothing that we want that cannot be done because we command two-thirds majority in Parliament,” Mnangagwa was quoted by state media. OPC officials, and deep state operatives opposed to Mnangagwa have said his power retention machinations, are not going to go unchallenged, as VP Chiwenga and a growing coterie of senior military officers including Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) Commander, Valerio Sibanda, have grown impatient with him for failing to resuscitate the economy and plunging the country into tormenting electricity blackouts. “Something is brewing,” said a former national security minister who declined to be named, and is known for having busted an espionage scandal, which rocked the country before the formation of the GNU with the then MDC-T. “Hazvishamise kana vakuru mukazonzwa zvonzi vazvipira kuoneka (Don’t be shocked to hear the president resigning or stepping down), our intelligence and military intelligence still has patriots, who are very good at their job.” Mnangagwa’s official spokesperson, and deputy chief secretaryPresidential Communications, George Charamba’s mobile phone went unanswered, when comment was sort from his office. Information minister, Monica Mutsvangwa, was also not reachable, with her ministry staff, promising to get back to us early this week, to no avail after admitting that a comment was highly unlikely from their boss, due to the succession politics nature involved, which only: “The President himself could clarify.” Meanwhile Mnangagwa’s administration is currently reeling under the aftermath expose of a damning Al Jazeera documentary, showcasing how billions of dollars worth of gold, are being smuggled out of the country to Dubai, by a mafia cabal directly or indirectly linked to Mnangagwa himself and his family. The presidency has issued Gestapo-like threats and warning to innocent journalists doing their job, for simply reporting on what appears to be one of the biggest gold pillaging scandals in the country’s history. Mnangagwa’s panic-stricken communication team led by Charamba, is now treating the humiliating Al Jazeera documentary’s mainstream censorship and further muzzling from the citizenry as a matter of political life and death.

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