Nelson Chamisa’s infallibility

CCC leader Nelson Chamisa


By Cde. Nqobizitha Dumakude Khumalo.

Nelson Chamisa comes across as an infallible superman but is he? I have always pointed out that Chamisa is more name than man and what people see him as is totally different from the real person. The Chamisa of faith and the Chamisa of fact are two different people. Here are a few facts to prove that Chamisa is the proverbial giant standing on the legs of a mosquito.

  1. The Zvishavane Saga of 2005.

The people of Zvishavane wanted Mike Timveous to be their Parliamentary candidate for the MDC. Timveous (or Acropol as he is popularly known) is the husband to Lilian Timveous.
Chamisa came to Zvishavane and imposed Pius Mbalekwa who had recently defected from ZanuPf.
I remember Chamisa running for dear life when MDC supporters in Zvishavane bayed for his blood.
In the end both candidates submitted their CVs. The MDC vote was divided.
The seat was lost to Obert Matshalaga of ZanuPf.
Now Mbalekwa is back in ZanuPf, his old party.

  1. The Gushungo Connection.

While we were running away from ZanuPf in the Middle of the first decade of the millennium and many of us were in hiding Chamisa and Robert Mugabe were having business dealings with Chamisa winning the contract to transport Gushungo Dairies milk to the Dairy Marketing Board.
No amount of damage control can ever sanitize this very suspicious situation.
A bona fide MDC person could not even apply to get such a deal even if it was advertised, considering the animosity at that time. Consider this , Chamisa who has never worked in his life now had a fleet of cars to win a tender to transport Mugabe’s milk ahead of long established ZanuPf companies. Food for thought.
Here was Chamisa the former “militant ” youth chair, then the outspoken party spokesperson doing business with the enemy. Today, Chamisa will hardly shake ED’s hand, and yet he had business dealings with Mugabe when at that time we considered that person worse than grinning Lucifer.
That is Chamisa for you.

Note that during the Inclusive government Nelson Chamisa wrote a note praising Robert Mugabe, the note in his very handwriting was published in the Herald and the man was at pains to dismiss it.
That is your perfect Chamisa.
The Gushungo connection came out clearly after Mugabe’s exit.
Many people thought it was a beginning, well it wasn’t. It was a continuation.

  1. Scientific Organizing.

At the Congress of 2008 Elias Mudzuri won the position of Organising Secretary of the party. He steered the party well and the party did tremendously well in the 2008 elections.
Somehow Chamisa, out of pure ambition, challenged Mudzuri for the post despite the man’s proven ability to do his job.
Chamisa characteristically used charm and youth to woe the delegates and he won against Mudzuri.
Then he used his own method of Organising which he called scientific organizing.
Chamisa launched confusion everywhere earning himself a bad name.
As he had done in 2005 he imposed candidates throughout the country the most notable ones being Eric Knight in Mbare, Ezra Tshisa Sibanda in Vungu, James Maridadi in Mabvuku and Eliah Jembere in Epworth.
Except for Maridadi all the imposed candidates lost and the party succumbed to one of its heaviest defeats in 2013.
“Scientific Organizing” cost Chamisa a lot of popularity leading to his heavy defeat by Douglas Mwonzora in the 2014 Extraordinary Congress. He was only rescued later on by Tsvangirai who unilaterally and unconstitutionally appointed him to the non-existent post of co-vice president of the party with Elias Mudzuri.
Or course since many Zimbabweans have this “chinhu chake” syndrome, the fact that he had been appointed by “muridzi wechinhu” Morgan Tsvangirai made everything legitimate and that made him acceptable overnight which made him the man he is today.

  1. The Cobra Character.

Chamisa is famously called Cobra (ironically he shares names with two of the most loathsome beings in Christian and biblical history – the Serpent in Eden that deceived Adam and Eve and Nero the notorious murderer of Christians.)
This is due to his ambitious and treacherous cunning. When the MDC lost elections in 2013 party members went through a period of soul searching.
What was to be done?
What went wrong.
Some party members began to question the suitability of Tsvangirai’s himself to lead the organization.
Chamisa would be part or the discussions but would backbite others and tell Tsvangirai adding salt in the process.
People like Elias Mudzuri were some of the people who fell victim to Cobra’s treachery, although apparently Tsvangirai forgave him.
When this “progressive group” met Chamisa made one of their number.
A letter was written and signed by Elton Mangoma advising Tsvangirai to step down and pave room for an untainted person to take his place.
Chamisa deliberately leaked the letter to the press, betraying his comrades and living up to his moniker, the Cobra. He knew just how the hot blooded youth would react to anything that suggested that their then superhero Morgan Tsvangirai could be inadequate in any way.

The result was a vicious attack on the persons of Tendai Biti and Elton Mangoma leading to the split in the party.
Cobra having played the good boy was duly rewarded by being raised from the doldrums into the presidium, a decision by Tsvangirai that may, note that I am saying may, have cost him his life.
These dangerous reptiles, cobras, are always associated with death; ask that lady who leaked pictures of a comatose Tsvangirai who was found murdered a few days later.

  1. The Zuva Case.

The MDC was born from the Labour movement. It’s first president Morgan Tsvangirai was the former Secretary General of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions. It has always been associated with workers and they have always attended its Congresses and at one time even presided over it. Today the Trade Union Movement is heavily divided with a large chunk of its members directly supporting Triple C.
Yet, Nelson Chamisa stood against Zuva Petroleum workers who were battling it out with their employer. The workers went away empty handed and the case became judicial precedent for similar cases and many companies including Choppies, co-owned by the then Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko, laid off thousands of workers who went away empty handed, all because a man from their own party had stood against them on the side of their oppressor-employer.

  1. The Rutland Connection.

Recently nearly all opposition went up in arms against government when Al Jazeera aired the damp squid documentary going by the title of Gold Mafia.
An opposition leader Tendai Biti appeared on the documentary blaming the “gold mafia.” (Seems he already had known its title before it was even aired.)
The documentary was a godsend to the CCC and its supporters. It was just the ammunition they needed to lampoon the government this election year.
Some even hoped that due to the documentary Zimbabwe’s Gold would be classified “blood gold” and be frozen from the market. Our stabilizing gold coins and our plans to fix our money on the gold standard would all go up in flames.
Interestingly, it is Biti, not his boss Chamisa who features in the documentary and Chamisa is conspicuous by his very subdued criticism of the “Mafia.”
Then the mystery unfolds; Chamisa who had been in dirty partnership with Gushungo and Zuva Petroleum it has been revealed was in another dirty partnership with Rutland, the key player in the whole saga.
One wonders how many other shady deals the “boy” has been involved in.
If investigations are launched l believe many snarling skeletons will leap screaming out of his dirty wardrobe.
When you blame government for the Gold Mafia know that Nelson Chamisa has business dealings with One of the key figures in it.
Indirectly or directly, he has a hand in the “looting” of “our resources” and trafficking it outside the country.


Perhaps rather than saying what and who Nelson Chamisa is it is easier to tell what and whom he is not.
Many people read into Nelson what they think he is which in most cases he is not.
Those who worship chivalry see Chamisa as a valiant and brave macho man, yet Nelson is not. I was a youth under him. Chamisa is a coward, he never led nor leads from the front. He was never arrested and the story of his assault at the airport is considered a hoax by many.
Democrats see a democrat in him. Those who so think should disabuse themselves of such thinking. Anyway, those with eyes to see can tell from recent developments in his party that the man has the highest contempt for the citizens he claims to champion. He is no democrat at all.
He comes across as a holy, conscientious Christian. I hesitate to judge someone as not Christian, but holy and conscientious he is not. He is unscrupulous, calculating and cunning, hardly “virtues” associated with a man of the cloth.
And of course to many he comes across as highly intellectual; however growing up herding cattle in rural Gutu the man learnt what we call “zvinemero” in the Karanga dialect. Zvinemero is mild, witty jibes used to pass the time when boys are heading cattle. He mastered that art and what appears to be a highly factual speech of analysed is seen to be all hot air, jokes and empty wordism.
It is “a poor player that frets and struts upon the stage and is seen no more, it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Shakespeare.

Then what and who is Nelson Chamisa?
He is a hypocrite extraordinaire. He is an unscrupulous and dangerous person who is prepared to get anything that he wants. It is in Chamisa that we have fulfilled Mark Antony’s statement, “ambition is made of sterner staff.”
Chamisa calls for sanctions, opposes anything government does, encourages mayhem to display dead bodies, broken limbs and lacerated tissues to the world to earn more sanctions for the country, all to gain power.
His dealings with Gushungo, Zuva and Rutland show him as a man without principles who will take every opportunity to get what he wants.
Yes, such negative astuteness can make him the hero of a Wild West movie but never leader of real, flesh and blood people.
Chamisa should never be trusted with the keys to Statehouse at all costs.

This year’s election is Armageddon.

“Let’s all come together to fight this holy Armageddon
And when the man comes there will be no more do
I feel pity for the man whose chances get thinner,
For there is no hiding place
From the Master of Creation.”

(Bob Marley and The Wailers….One Love.)

Zimbabweans, let is stand up to defend our sovereignty and our resources.


By Cde. Nqobizitha Dumakude Khumalo.

(Returnee to ZanuPf – He writes in his personal capacity.)

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