Uebert Angel one of Africa’s richest pastors



Mzansi has been trying to connect the dots on Prophet Uebert Angel’s net worth after being implicated in Prophet Angel is one of the richest pastors in southern Africa and on the African continent as a whole.
The publication reported that he has an estimated net worth of R1.8 billion.

Angel is the founder of Good News Church and is Prophet Bushiri’s spiritual father.

In Zimbabwe, he is a diplomat, presidential envoy and ambassador-at-large to Europe in the office of His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

However, after the released documentary exposing the looting and smuggling of gold out of Zimbabwe, Angel has found himself at the centre of the controversy.

Uebert Angel
The rumour mill is now more than convinced that he is worth more than R1.8 billion.

Angel is at the centre of controversy over the smuggling of gold and money laundering in Zimbabwe after Al Jazeera released its documentary Gold Mafia.

You are a criminal @edmnangagwa and you do not deserve to lead a country. pic.twitter.com/DVSKCDhblH

— Mmusi Maimane (@MmusiMaimane) March 23, 2023
In the documentary, he was seen negotiating deals worth billions.

Of interest, he made it known that he was the second most influential person after the Zimbabwean president.

To make matters worse, a video has flooded social media where the prophet brags about selling the country.

Angel even went on to tell his congregants that he could seal gold deals for the country and was more influential than an ambassador of the country.

Self-styled Prophet Uebert Angel, President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s controversial envoy, no longer sells “small stuff”; he now “sells the country!”.

“I’m a dealer; I’m a salesman” – a mafia – the President’s ambassador-at-large said before he was exposed as a fraud by Al Jazeera. pic.twitter.com/plOlzflzgJ

— TheNewsHawks (@NewsHawksLive) March 24, 2023
No doubt, in the backdrop of the documentary, many are trying to connect the dots on his actual net worth.

Let’s dive into Uebert Angel’s assets and source of his income.

He has made a fortune from his ministerial calling to his real estate business.

He has earned a fortune from his TV channels over the past years; the channels include:

GoodNews TV
Miracle TV
AtomGram (social media application)
Osborn Institute of Theology

The institute is an online theology school that offers certificates and diplomas in Christian Theology.

OIT Certificate in Theology (entire course) – £499
OIT Diploma in Theology (entire course) – £799
Angel also has a Ministry Academy, which nurtures aspiring gospel ministers. Prophet Angel and Jerome Fernando oversee the academy operations. A general admission fee is £190.

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Uebert Angel Ministerial Association (UAMA) and GoodNews Daily

It offers the same platform as the Ministry Academy but runs on an exclusive membership programme.

UAMA has a monthly subscription of £99 with a six-month subscription of £550. He offers a daily devotional of The Good News Church for $100 monthly.

A considerable chunk of Uebert Angel’s wealth comes from:

The Billion Group
Sam Berkeley
The Angel Organisation
The Millionaire Academy
Zimbabwe’s Presidential Envoy and Ambassador at large
Real Estate
He owns several properties across the world.

Angel owns a mansion in Lincoln, UK which is best known as Angel Manor mansion and is worth more than R50 million. He also owns the famous three-storey conference centre New York Hippodrome.

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To cap his life of glitz and glamour, he owns a fleet of exotic cars which include:

Black Badge Rolls-Royce
Spyder F3 CAN-AM

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