Chin’ono: Mnangagwa’s Invite To King Charles’ Coronation Is Not Endorsement

Hopewell Chin'ono


Award-winning journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono has said President Emerson Mnangagwa‘s invite to attend King Charles’ coronation is not an endorsement of his rule.

He makes the remarks as Mnangagwa has already arrived in the United Kingdom to attend the coronation set for this Saturday. In a post seen by Pindula News, Chin’ono said:

I have seen some in Zimbabwe’s opposition upset that President Mnangagwa was invited to King Charles’ coronation, saying it is an endorsement of his rule, and I have seen the regime celebrating the invitation as a thawing of relations! Both are WRONG!

Chin’ono said the UK invites all diplomatic relations to royal events, including North Korea. King Charles doesn’t make political statements, so Mnangagwa’s invite isn’t an endorsement. He added:

So Mnangagwa’s invitation is not out of the blue, and it doesn’t mean that Britain approves of his rule, and it also doesn’t mean that it is an unconditional thawing of relations with Mnangagwa without conditions.

Britain had a choice, inviting Mnangagwa and engaging him on its concerns, or throwing stones and treating him as a political undesirable and pariah, something which encourages Mnangagwa’s hardliners to get worse.

All the other Heads of State are meeting @RishiSunak the British Prime Minister.

Mnangagwa met the Junior Minister responsible for Africa.

If you understand politics, you know what that means!

Chin’ono added that the event is a Royal and State event, not exclusively British. Only those endorsed by Britain meet the Prime Minister. He compares the event to an African wedding where everyone is invited, but only important people meet the bride and groom. Kagame met the British Prime Minister and the King, while Mnangagwa met a junior minister. Pictures show the British Prime Minister with other world leaders.

Chin’ono also said that the invitation of Mnangagwa to the coronation is part of Realpolitik, a political system based on practical considerations rather than beliefs or morals. The King couldn’t allow politics to interfere with his day, and all countries with full diplomatic relations had to attend. This provided an opportunity for the King to express his concerns through his ministers. Chin’ono hopes he has given a sensible and easy-to-understand explanation.

The United Kingdom has often expressed criticism towards President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s rule in Zimbabwe. The UK has raised concerns about human rights violations, lack of media freedom, and political oppression in the country. The UK has also imposed sanctions on several Zimbabwean officials in response to these issues. Additionally, the UK has called for the Zimbabwean government to address issues related to corruption, economic instability, and the democratic process.

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