Elderly brain more practical and creative, experts say


Researchers from the George Washington University School of Medicine and the University of Montreal have found that the brain of an elderly person is more practical and creative than commonly believed.

They say that the brain becomes faster, more flexible, and more harmonious with age, and that it reaches its peak of intellectual activity around 70 years old.

According to them, the interaction of the left and right hemispheres of the brain becomes more balanced in old age, which expands the creative possibilities. They cite examples of personalities who have started their creative activities after 60 years old.

They also say that the amount of myelin, a substance that facilitates the rapid passage of signals between neurons, increases over time in the brain. This leads to a 300% increase in intellectual abilities compared to the average.

They add that after 60 years old, a person can use both hemispheres of the brain at the same time, which allows them to solve more complex problems.

They explain that the elderly brain chooses the path that consumes less energy, eliminates the unnecessary, and leaves only the right options to solve the problem. They conducted a study in which different age groups participated. They found that the young people were very confused while passing the tests, while those over 60 years old made the right decisions.

They also list some characteristics of the brain of an older person, such as:

  • The neurons of the brain do not die, but the connections between them disappear if one does not engage in mental work.
  • Distraction and forgetfulness arise due to an overabundance of information. Therefore, one does not need to focus on unnecessary details.
  • The brain gains in flexibility and makes better decisions with age. It is also less exposed to negative emotions.

The researchers hope that their findings will help change the negative stereotypes about aging and encourage people to keep their brains active and healthy.

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