Jailed Ngarivhume roars from prison

DETAINED: Jacob Ngarivhume continues fighting for freedom


TRANSFORM Zimbabwe (TZ) President Jacob Ngarivhume, who was sentenced to four years in prison Friday for urging Zimbabweans to protest against rampant corruption in 2020 has rallied them to continue his fight.

Ngarivhume will serve an effective three years in prison. His lawyer Lovemore Madhuku has however said he will be appealing the sentence.

In an open letter from Harare Central Prison where he is being kept, Ngarivhume said his jailing should encourage others to take up the fight for a better Zimbabwe.

“Our struggle is just and our fight is for a good cause. There is no going back. A fight for our rights should never be taken lightly and should never be abandoned. History is on our side,” reads the letter.

“My imprisonment by the regime should never discourage many other gallant fighters out there. Rather it should embolden you.

“This is a just fight. It must continue. A call for a corruption free society must continue. We call for a Zimbabwe that respects the rights of citizens.

“Zimbabwe is our heritage. We have no other heritage save for Zimbabwe. This Zanu PF regime is prepared to steal our heritage and own it for themselves.We say no to that. Like in any struggle there are those who will have to pay the price for defiance, I am willing.”

Ngarivhume led the 31st July 2020 protests against corruption with co-accused Job Sikhala, who has spent close to a year in pretrial detention at Chikurubi Maximum Prison.

The two were hunted down by state security agents and eventually arrested, spending months in custody.

Ngarivhume’s arrest comes as Zimbabwe braces for general elections tentatively set for August.

He was set to contest for presidency in the upcoming polls facing off with CCC’s Nelson Chamisa and Zanu Pf leader President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


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