Slain Eswatini human rights defender’s wife consoles Sikhala family

Ellen Sikhala in the middle


Widow of slain Eswatini human rights defender Thulani Maseko has sent a solidarity message to Job Sikhala’s spouse as the Zengeza West Member of Parliament nears a year in prison.

Tenele Thwala, whose husband was assassinated for allegedly challenging Eswatini ruler King Mswati III, decried the state of unconstitutionality in Zimbabwe and Eswatini.

Speaking in Harare at the launch of her book titled ‘Justice Delayed is Justice Denied’, which chronicles Sikhala’s pre-trial detention, Tanele, who is a human rights lawyer, bemoaned the weaponisation of the law by those in power.

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“To Mrs Sikhala I know it’s not easy, I know it’s tough but this one you have to stick it out. I come from Swaziland where we don’t have political parties, where we live with an absolute monarch but what strikes me is that I am now in Zimbabwe and Anorld alluded to the fact that Zimbabwe has a vibrant proper constitution,” Tanele said.

“Now where I then have a problem is the fact that we all have these constitutions we all claim to have judiciaries, but my question is are these judiciaries independent,” she said.

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