Winky D warned against playing ibotso

Winky D

Zimbabwe’s biggest reggae Zim-dancehall artist, @winkydonline
said that he was warned NOT to play his new song, IBOTSO which talks about the rampant corruption in Zimbabwe and the suffering of Zimbabwean people due to corrupt rule. Wink D had one of his shows stopped by the Zimbabwean police in March in Chitungwiza when he was seconds into the popular song which he first introduced to Zimbabweans on New Year’s Eve. A Zimbabwean political activist, Jacob Ngarivhume was sentenced to 4 years in prison for calling for a peaceful demonstration against corruption. Zimbabwean journalist and documentary filmmaker, Hopewell Chin’ono was arrested 3 times inside six months for exposing State related corruption! Zimbabwean hospitals have collapsed because of corruption with the whole country not having a single working radiotherapy cancer treatment machine! Winky D said that the authorities should allow artists to express themselves. “They want to arrest the music, they must leave the music to flow like water in the river,” Winky D said last night in Bulawayo.

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