Zanu PF convicted itself by sentencing Sikhala: Chamisa

CCC leader Nelson Chamisa


Today, Hon @JobSikhala1 Mp was convicted by an oppressive, unjust and unfair system.

But the system is unaware that it has truly indicted and convicted itself. The darkest hour is before dawn. We are edging closer to the end.

We have now seen how ugly the face of oppression decimates families and society.

Now we all see the ugly face of oppression.

It is a face hostile to our values and beliefs.

A face that all Zimbabweans must reject, least we lose our pride, being and identity.

Through the persecution of Sikhala we, the citizens, feel the pain of oppression.

The freedom of Sikhala, Ngarivhume and all political prisoners is the freedom of Zimbabwe.

In these dark times I remind you, fellow citizens, the change family that to suffer does not mean to die.

As long as we have hope in our hearts, and strength in our resolve, we will overcome.

Do not despair in the face of oppression, injustice and provocation. I am here to remind all that #Freedomiscoming and #AllPoliticalPrisoners shall be free! And soon!! #FakaPressure #FakaPrayer!

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