Citizens demand change amid economic woes

journalist Hopewell Chin'ono


A recent survey revealed that 77% of Zimbabwe’s voters want change in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections on August 23.

The survey reflects the widespread dissatisfaction with the current government led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who faces allegations of corruption, human rights violations, and economic mismanagement.

Zimbabwe is facing a multitude of challenges, including a lack of basic services such as clean water, health care, education, and electricity. The country also has the highest inflation in the world, making life unaffordable for millions of citizens.

According to Hopewell Chin’ono, a prominent journalist and critic of the government, “Zimbabwe has no working radiotherapy cancer treatment machine. The biggest hospital in Zimbabwe only has ONE maternity theatre built in 1977. 95% of Zimbabwe’s potential workforce is unemployed.”

Chin’ono also questioned whether the opposition parties have done enough to protect their votes and present a united front against the ruling party, which has been accused of using violence and intimidation to suppress dissent. “The main question is whether the opposition has done enough to protect that 77% vote by having polling agents at every polling station unlike 2018, and a united front in confronting a ruthless and corrupt regime,” he wrote on Twitter.

The main opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), led by Nelson Chamisa, has vowed to continue its fight for democracy and justice despite facing many obstacles.

Chamisa told MSN that his party is facing “political violence” from the ruling party’s activists, who have allegedly killed one of his supporters and injured many others. He also accused Mnangagwa of violating the law and tearing apart independent institutions to cling to power.

However, Chamisa said he is confident that the people of Zimbabwe will overcome fear and vote for change. “We are not going to give up. We are not going to surrender. We are not going to retreat. We are not going to be intimidated,” he said.

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